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Why Insure?

Davies Turner takes the greatest of care in arranging the safe transport of customers' cargo - but inevitably, from time to time, there is loss or damage during transit. The cause could be anything from:

  • a major vessel or aircraft casualty or a road traffic accident
  • simple accidents during handling, loading or unloading
  • ingress of water into a carrying container or road trailer
  • theft
  • mis-direction and subsequent loss

The liability of carriers engaged by us (whether by road, air, sea or rail) for loss of or damage to cargo is always limited in monetary terms by standard contract terms or by legislation and, in some cases, liability is excluded absolutely. It is also a fact of life that claims against carriers are very time consuming and difficult. For this reason, it is vital that cargo insurance is arranged to cover goods in transit – authorities within some countries even insist on it.

Cargo insurance is good business practice. The financial and trading impact on companies of loss or damage to uninsured cargo can be devastating.

Cargo Insurance

The cost of reliable cargo insurance is very modest and Davies Turner can arrange it simply and easily. For most cargoes this covers "all risks" of physical loss or damage and is usually on a full "door to door" basis; however we can arrange for a bespoke insurance policy to suit your specific needs.

Cover can be arranged on an individual consignment basis or, if you are a regular exporter or importer, we can provide you with a "blanket policy" to cover all your consignments throughout the year. There are no “up front” charges to pay - the premium charge will simply be included with our freight invoice.

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