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Dear CustomerJanuary 2013


Indirect Exports (outside the Eu)

All exports with a final destination outside of the Eu require us to submit a NES export entry. Davies Turner manages this electronically against information supplied by the exporter.

Once our declarations are submitted we receive an Entry acceptance notice from Customs which advises the movement reference number (MRN).

At a point where Davies Turner holds control over the consignment we are able to request Customs for permission to ship. It is only after this permission is received that we are authorised to complete the export.

Obtaining permission to ship is all handled electronically and the process generates an Export Accompanying Document (EAD) which is required by the Customs at the point the consignment leaves to Eu.

Customs control the information shown on the EAD’s and any discrepancies against the actual consignment may cause problems during the transit or render the permission to ship invalid.

Davies Turner is not able to amend an EAD after we have obtained permission to ship from Customs. To correct any detail would require us to cancel the original entry, re issue with the corrected information and re apply for permission to ship. This process may cause a delay to a consignment that had not already been shipped or worse still may require an already shipped consignment to be returned to the UK.

Clearly Davies Turner do all possible to ensure that our presentations to Customs are accurate and to avoid any risk or delay to your consignment, we operate mostly daily departures so our approval processes need to be quick. It is important that we receive accurate consignment information from shippers and that we are advised immediately of any changes that would need to be submitted to Customs.

Our operators will ask for accurate consignment information at the time of booking, please help us by providing this correctly or where final details are unknown please ensure we are told that the details are only estimated.

Once we have the approval to ship amendments could cause delays to consignments and prove costly to correct.

Please help us get this right first time.

Should you need to discuss this any further please make contact with the Departmental manager at your local branch.

A PDF version of this document can be downloaded here
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